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Bachata courses and classes in Győr, Hungary

Bachata is a dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic and is now extremely popular all over the world. The basic steps of bachata danced to the music of today’s Latin pop hits (e.g. Dani J, J Balvin, Nicky Jam, Royce, etc.) are easy to learn, which is why you can quickly achieve success in it.

In our courses, you will not only get to know the figures, but we will also introduce you to the technique of bachata so that you can enjoy the dance.

In our classes, we place great emphasis on being able to perform the learned dance moves independently at a party or event.

Super community, pretty girls, handsome guys and cool instructors! 🙂 Come and experience our bachata classes!

Levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

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Kezdő bachata

Péntek 21:00-22:00

Első alkalom 2022. szeptember 9.

60 perc / alkalom, összesen 8 hét (alkalom)

Galaxy Body & Fitness (Győr, Kálvária u. 1.)

19.990 Ft/fő

Első alkalom próbajeggyel is látogatható, amit jóváírunk a bérletedben.


Thursday 20:00-21:00

First time November 3, 2022.

60 minutes / session, total of 7 weeks (session)

Galaxy Body & Fitness (Hungary, Győr, Kálvária street 1.)

99 EUR / person

What can you expect at our bachata dance class?

Our primary goal is quality relaxation and a good atmosphere.

During the course, you will get to know the basic figures of bachata up to the more advanced movement and techniques.

That's why Flames Bachata is a good choice

Társastáncok és latin standard Győr Flames

Dance Teachers

Ákos Molnár

Dance Studio Founder, Competition Dancer

Phone: +36 20 745 6411

Dávid Nagy

Dance Studio Founder, Competition Dancer

Phone: +36 20 312 1108

Why dance with us?

We think of bachata as quality relaxation, i.e. our classes are about partying and learning to dance. We give this experience to everyone who attends our classes.

We don’t just “grind” figures, we introduce you to bachata dance movements and partnering techniques, which will give you a much greater sense of success, in addition to deepening your dance skills.

Let the numbers talk about us:

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Be our next satisfied bachata dancer!

I can only recommend it <3 I learned a lot and feel that my knowledge is on a solid basis for further development.

Lili Petrovicz

Every step and figure is explained thoroughly and clearly. You can see that they really know how to dance, and they are also excellent in terms of teaching!
I strongly recommend it!

Dániel Goór

Classes with a pleasant atmosphere, high-quality dance education. I can only recommend it. 🙂

Fanni Debreceni

További vélemények

Bachata in Győr, Hungary

Here’s a little teaser for our bachata class, here we’re doing a warm-up exercise:

Pictures of our bachata classes in Győr


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5 reasons for bachata

  1. Quality relaxation: We help you get out of everyday stress and rush. Here you enter a separate “world” where you only have to deal with the dance and yourself.
  2. Correct posture: during dance lessons, we show the correct posture. Unfortunately, incorrect posture, which is considered a popular disease nowadays, is associated with many negative complications. With the correct posture, you can avoid spine problems and slouching.
  3. Gaining self-confidence: you learn to express yourself with dance, you can dance the learned steps to the music of the given style at any time. In addition, your general body coordination will improve, so you can be confident with your movements.
  4. Increase stamina: By dancing regularly, you can increase your stamina, your body’s blood circulation improves, thereby strengthening your immune system.
  5. An active social experience: you can live a quality social life during classes in a good mood, which you may need even more now after the Covid restrictions and closures. Our classes are available at several locations in Győr.

Find us here:

Location of Bachata classes: Galaxy Body & Fitness (Hungary, Győr, Kálvária street 1.)

We are waiting for you at our classes, either by filling out the application form or by e-mail at

If you have any other questions, contact our dance instructor Dávid Nagy at +36 20 312 1108

Galaxy Flames Győr bachata és moderntánc

Frequently Asked Questions

If you buy the ticket on site, you can pay by credit card.

If you buy in advance, we will send you a link to the e-mail you provided during registration, where you can buy your ticket online with a bank card.

For clothing, we recommend comfortable, loose clothing (jeans or a more elegant sweatshirt), for shoes, sports shoes, or dance shoes. It is possible to change clothes.

Of course, many people come to our course without a dance partner. In this case, we look for a dance partner for you either from within the group or from another group.

It is not mandatory to change partners, if you come with a fixed partner, you can even dance together during the entire course, as our goal is to make you feel good.

At the same time, we recommend changing partners from time to time (for one task at a time), since you can learn a lot if you try the dance steps with someone else.

No problem, we start our dance lessons from the basics, so you can be guaranteed to keep up.

Beginners or those who are intermediate-advanced but want to repeat the basics can come to our dance class. We’re sure you’ll have a good time anyway.

In our beginner groups, we always teach steps that everyone can master. We will be there and help you throughout this process. We can say from experience that everyone who has studied with us has been able to master the dance steps we teach. 😊

Yes you can. All you have to do is get together as a foursome. In other words, come with four people and instead of 4 tickets, you only have to pay for 3 tickets.

The discount is only valid if at least 2 of the 4 people are completely new registrants with us (i.e. they have not changed passes before).

Why take Flames Bachata classes?

You learn not only figures, but also dance technique

We believe that one does not need to be a competitor to know the basic technique of dance. In fact. Even on a hobby level, it is much more enjoyable if your body learns the movement style. In this way, not only are two people dancing opposite each other, but you can actually move as a dancing couple.

During our dance education, we strive to pass on the appropriate driving technique, basic steps and movement culture for this purpose.

The hours are guaranteed to be spent in a good mood

As we always emphasize, bachata as a dance means quality relaxation for us. In order for you to really feel good at our dance classes in Győr, we strive to create the perfect dancing atmosphere. You can take part in cozy dances, tasks and parties if you come to our classes.

Quick experience of success in bachata dance

Our experience is that our dancers can dance independently through a song after 5-6 sessions of the beginner’s course. Our goal is for you to become more skilled in your dance style week by week.